Use Your Dental Plan Balance While You Can

Use Your Dental Plan Balance While You Can

Remember Your Dental Plan Pays Better than the Tooth Fairy

2020 has been a year of distractions. So, it isn’t surprising most of us have a few dental procedures left to get done on our to-do list, yet we risk losing valuable money set aside for us in our plans as they expire at the end of the calendar year. It’s true that most insurance companies have a benefit deadline of December 31st, but with a quick phone call to our office you can check your plans’ balance and see how we can apply the remaining money into the current year so your valuable benefit isn’t wasted. 

About 97% Of Us Do Not Use Our Plans’ Maximum, Leaving Money Behind

It’s hard to believe the vast majority of us have both an unused benefit amount and treatments that need to be done, yet the facts prevail. Only 2.8% of those with PPO dental plans hit their annual maximum benefit according to the National Association of Dental Plans. According to the CDC, 31% of adults have untreated tooth decay, and of course countless others need procedures to treat dental needs like gum disease. Benefits cover both preventative care and dental treatments, and vary by plan regarding the level of benefit coverage they offer for different procedures. The easiest way to know if you are part of the majority that haven’t used all of your benefit is to let us help.

Bandala DDS Can Confirm Your Benefit Balance In One Call

Your current benefit balance isn’t a mystery to our office. Patients simply need to call us and our friendly staff can immediately identify your remaining benefit balance, along with any deadlines to use your benefit. No matter your insurance carrier, we can help you make the most of your plan. We also have extensive experience assisting those currently between insurance plans determine the best plan of action to reduce the cost of dental treatments. Contact us today to find out how much you can save with Bandala DDS.