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Dr. Bandala has improved the quality of my life, by addressing my special needs. He is a very gentle and caring Dentist. So glad I found him.
Vohna R. Rivera

Thank you, Dr. Bandala for converting what for years had been a self-conscious smile into one that has become natural and comfortable for me.
Dove Weiss

Dr. Bandala saved my teeth and my smile from an enamel erosion problem that was getting progressively worse. I’m thankful we stopped the problem when we did. My new veneers have given my teeth new life and my smile new confidence.
Steve E. Garcia

Before coming to see Dr. Bandala and the good people at Bandala Dental Group, I was the guy who would put his hand over his mouth whenever he smiled, if he smiled at all. Dr. Bandala took his time to perform a through evaluation of not only my dental health, but, as I would later come to appreciate, my general state of health and well being. He did this through a combination of practiced observation and earnest listening skills that were at the same time informative and reassuring. The results exceeded my expectations on all levels-a real testament to Dr. Bandala’s holistic approach to reconstructive dentistry.
Larry Diehl

I never thought I would say “I love my Dentist”, but I do. And not only that: I love my smile, I love being able to function again. Thank you Dr. Bandala.
Alice B Leal

It took me nearly fifty years to wear my teeth down to almost nothing. I could not eat many of the things that I grew up enjoying so much, such as: steak, beef jerky or anything of that sort. It took Dr. Bandala only a few months, a lot of work and patience and at the end, he gave me back my smile and the incredible joy of chewing my food again. Dr. Bandala and his very capable team made this change possible and so I thank them very much.
Ed Terrazas

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